Friday, 18 February 2011


Can Facebook be an LMS? I am using FB to supplement my English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes with my 25 Turkish students giving them a chance to go out to the open world, connect people from all over the world, and practise language skills learned at school which I beleive is an unnatural language learning environment.

I need ideas from experts. Does that make FB an LMS? Can FB be used as an LMS?

Here is Stephen's blog on Facebook as an LMS:


  1. Hi Abdullah,

    What do you want from an LMS?

    If you believe in connective learning, if you believe in emotion, motivation and enjoyment in learning can anyone tell me a better online environment than facebook?

    It would seem privacy is a major major problem - not just for learners, but for all. I've just applied for an invite to this social networking site where privacy is apparently top of the agenda.

  2. Hi Steve and many thanks for your ideas

    I am an English teacher in Turkey and I want my students to go out into the natural world and communicate in English. Unfortunately for me learning a foreign language in a classroom with people speaking the same mother tongue (Turkish) seems to be an unnatural attempt. The problem with traditional classroom is that it is usually difficult to get students involved in meaningful language activities. That's why I use FB to connect my learners of English with other learners or speakers of English so that they can engage in meaningful language activities, trying out what they've learned in class and improving their communication skills. My students seem to be having fun too. However, I agree with the privacy concerns. What I recommend is do not share information, pictures or videos you don't want other people to see or use. See you in next post :)