Saturday, 26 February 2011

Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

I feel terrible because I missed yesterday's session on PLE and PLN. I would like to begin with how I would define PLE. To me PLE is collection of any kind of platform that an individual uses to collect, control, create, share and collaborate resources.  A PLE is also an environment where multiple experts, amateurs, resources and tools are brought together. The key point in a PLE is its participative and creative side. Within a PLE the individual does not only comsume information but also participates the conversation and creates information. Other people join in this personal learning environment, review personally created information, engage in a conversation which might lead to reconsideration or further expansion of the information in this PLE. 

At this point I have three issues that I want to open to discussion:

1: I am aware that certain processes might require the use of certain tools or environments. However, considering that alternative tools or environments are available, Is it important or relevant that the individual chooses himself what learning environments he wants to make use of or take part in?

2: Considering people get their certificates or diplomas from institutionalized education systems, how do we manage assessment and evaluation when we follow a PLE perspective of learning and teaching?

I think I might have a suggestion for my second question but I am not sure that would be a good answer. We could assign a problem/task based case study and observe the process and evaluate the final product that is put forward. However, I believe we need to provide well-defined rubric telling the learner clearly what will be assessed and how. The final question is:

3- What are the characterictics of an effective PLE? Thanks for your ideas in advance. 


  1. Hi I think it is important How I control my PLE to demonstrate how important and useful is. I like Symbaloo as PLE you can add your personal tools and share so you create it about your interest or with a specific goal, then depends on your design you can collect some tiles from your colleagues (collaborate work)and then share so symbaloo define your opinion about PLE.
    PLE is a collection of my tools to make my work easily.

  2. Hi Abdullah, issue #2 is vital to everyone. Without some system of evaluation open to everyone an economy dependent on highly trained workers will eventually come to a stop. The alternatives:
    A workforce dependent on slow moving institutions developing "comprehensive" programs that run years behind and training for jobs that no longer exist. (Riding a dead horse degree category).
    A workforce pushed to private diploma-mill training that may be current but is superficial with no depth of knowledge to support further development or growth in a field. (Surface knowledge degree category).
    Worst outcome: institutions refuse to adapt through an attitude that they are special beyond challenge and we end up a society with not educational base, just a bunch of performing animals.
    Existing educational institutions have spent so many years serving their own interests over the interests of their students its going to be very difficult for them to adjust.

    ... One kind of certificate is called ” Eerder Verworven Competenties” (EVC) (= Earlier Acquired Competences , accreditation of prior learning (APL). The certificate is given on proof of acquired skills and knowledge. .....